Perhaps fate brought you here~?

Your neighborhood stray, Naoh, is always lurking about somewhere in hopes of finding new or familiar company! Easily lonely, he is welcoming of all sorts of interactions and quick to remember and care for someone once he meets them.

Name: Naoh'li Moshantu

Alias: "Naoh"

Age: 26

Height: 5'2"

Nameday: 30th Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon (March 29th)
Race: Miqo'te (Keeper of the Moon)
Gender: Male
Relationship Status: Open
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Birthplace: Somewhere in the Shroud
Occupation: Amateur Diviner

★ Frame small and thin, he has hair everywhere ★

★ Often grinning with cat like teeth, he is usually in a good mood and full of energy ★

★ VERY expressive with his ears, they usually making it impossible for him to ever lie about how he's feeling. The tip of his right ear is cleanly cut ★

★ Purrs when content and will roll his 'R's if happy ★

★ A scar over his left eye that had been given as a form of punishment, he as well bares tribal markings on his nose and around his eyes ★

★ Calloused, pink palms that can read your future ★

★ Blue eyes that always look to the sky with that of yearning ★


★ Shots Shots Shots : Naoh loves the bar and party scene. Maybe your character does too? Drugs and alcohol, Naoh is down to share and keep company. Maybe your character is too shy to approach? Naoh is generally drawn in to those more quiet than him, no need to drink alone!

★ It’s All in the Cards: Maybe your character needs a little spiritual advice or just looking to pass the time? Naoh loves to give readings and if you throw a compliment his way, he’ll do them for free~

★ Something Feels Off…: Currently, Naoh is having an inner battle with a spirit and trying his very best to not let his body and soul be possessed. but he can feel himself losing this fight so.. perhaps your character knows a thing or two about possession or can even feel something being off about him? He could really use the advice and guidance on how to handle it and even if there is no help in the end, Naoh could honestly just use someone to talk to for he’s struggling to open up about this issue..

★ Stargazer : One could easily find Naoh under the stars and taking in their beauty. He tends to be in the oddest of places.. it could be up in the trees or the roof of a stranger's home or sometimes he'll just throw himself down in the middle of the road. He loves to share the night sky with others so maybe your character could use a break from their own travels to sit and join him?

★ Open and down to #mingle : Perhaps your character is seeking for someone to spend an evening with? Date or just for a quick hook up, Naoh is your keeper! He loves to shower people with affection and will gladly keep anyone company for however long they want him.

Art is all made by the wonderful sketchy nick!


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I am fine with both in and out of game RP, walk ups totally welcomed! and I'm open to any sort of plotting, so if one of my hooks don't grab your interest but you're still wanting to try, please hit me up! I am fine with nsfw as well so don't be shy ♡ but please be 18+!

Thank you so much for taking any time to read and look through all this! Take care the best you can ╰(´︶`)╯♡